Are there any other options for accommodations at the Lake (besides the Lodge)?

Lake Murray Bed & Berth luxury floating vacation villa rental
Available by reservation only. Call Wendy Newell GM 580 223 0088

email: lmbb@cableone.net or http://www.oklahomabedandberth.com.
Lake Murray State Park
P.O. Box 92
Overbrook, OK 73453

Can you recommend hotels in Ardmore?

Holiday Inn (580) 226 3333
(Offering discount for rooms booked before _______)

Comfort Inn (580) 226 1250
Hampton Inn (580) 223 6394
Courtyard by Marriott (580) 224-2764

Is there a restaurant at the Lodge?

Yes. The Blue Heron Restaurant, located downstairs (take the elevator) within Lake Murray Lodge, offers delicious menu selections for breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week. 7:00 am to 9:00 pm

How can I volunteer at the Rally?

If you are already at the Rally, come to the Rally registration desk and ask where you can help out. Or you can ask any of the committee members, who are wearing badges with ribbons on them so they can be identified. There is always room for more volunteer support.

If you want to take advantage of our scholarship program, you will need to go to the registration desk and ask for a scholarship. If there are any left, you will be asked to volunteer throughout the weekend in one capacity or another. But don't worry, it's never more than any of us can handle. It's a joy to give back in the fellowship!