Speaker CD's for sale

All conference CD's, plus many others are available!

Hospitality Room

Come on in for some extra fellowship with great munchies!

Ice Cream Social

This is the happening place after the Saturday night speaker meeting!

Silent Auction

You will see many nice things; some fellowship related, some personal items, and some wild and crazy stuff too.

The Banquet

Would you like to have dinner with the conference speakers? Please join us for a sit down dinner and get to know the speakers over a delicious plate of food and dessert. (Note: this is an extra charge at checkout and is not included in your conference fee).

Bonfire Meeting

Nothing better than a bonfire meeting under the stars by the lake. Sobriety is an amazing adventure!

RRVR Tee Shirts and Ball Caps for sale

Red River Valley Rally T-shirts and ball caps available, but get them quick before they sell out!

Money Tree

Sold over the course of the weekend, the Money Tree is an opportunity to support the conference and for you to win some cash!

Who's the Best Sponsor?

Join us on Saturday afternoon for some AA hilarity. G-rated of course! "We are not a glum lot." (pg. 132 BB, The Family Afterward)

AA Literature Challenge

Come test your AA literature knowledge with some of the best. The defending team is ready and waiting. This was a big hit last year with a lot of laughs!